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welcome to bcm transtech as

Our website has just been updated, and we are still editing content, so please forgive us if some content doesn’t make sense.

bcm transtech a/s is a professional supplier of storage and handling systems for the corrugated industry:

Customer specific storage systems for:

  • Stereos / printing plates
  • Flat bed dies
  • Rotary dies


Customer specific handling equipment for:

  • Flat bed dies
  • Rotary dies
  • Pallets and plates

rotary die storage

26Rotary die storage for rotary dies

Modular storage for rotary dies
Increase your storage with a rotary die storage
Use the cubic meters instead of the square meters
Up to 8 meters in the height
Manual, semi-automa
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New developed lock system for Rotary dies. Come back soon to learn more.

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